Software designer, analyst and developer, I designed and managed innovative solutions for major customers, individuals and institutions, using different techniques and programming languages.

I am author of several proprietary algorithms about:

  • voice synthesys and voice recognition;
  • digital audio analysis for voice tagging;
  • syntax and semantic manipulation of the texts for the correct phonetic recognition
  • optimization of data flows
  • audio and audio/video streaming;
  • process automation
  • computer and network security

I created e-commerce websites with legacy systems integration, multi-platform video games (in Android, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Windows technology), accessible websites for visually impaired people and custom search engines with high performances.

I have also specialized myself in web communication, automatic publications on social networks, web site optimizations for SEO performances and responsive websites. Currently, I am a consultant for the preparation of targeted technical offers, and as “freelance” I find out solutions through the use of computers (Software Problem Solver).